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All Past and Present Musicians in a click!

A multimedia encyclopedia with information about any musician from any branch of the music business from Pythagoras to Michael Jackson (over 200,000 datas).

Included: a dictionary of music in four languages (German, English, French, Italian) with over 100,000 technical musical terms and the "yellow pages" for musicians and the music business!

Created in cooperation with edition 49, Stage and Music Publishing GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Introducing a new encyclopedia

When did Walter von der Vogelweide live and when was Madonna born? Whether you are looking for Johann Sebastian Bach or a member of the pop group "ABBA", whether you need information about "serious" music or entertainment, be it singers or pianists, composers or conductors, arrangers or pop musicians, you will find everything you need in the MDB with just a click! Fast, precise and universal.

When other encyclopedias leave you in the lurch, you will find what you are looking for here, because only MDB proposes to encompass the entire spectrum of data concerning the music business in every branch, and will be continually brought up to date.

The Idea

You are listening for example to a rendering of Vanessa Mae playing Vivaldi, and want to know when she and the composer were born. Until now you would have had to look in at least two encyclopedias to get your information, and then in yet another if you wanted to know where you could get further details. You can now find all this faster and more concisely written in our new music encyclopedia, rather than rummaging through lengthy and verbose tomes!

Maybe you are a lover of classical guitar music and need to know about unusual interpretations or composers. Also in this field you will find that you are in the right place in the MDB. You will find information about famous and not so famous, important and less important musicians around the world, even those that are not listed elsewhere are in the MDB.

Until now there was no similar work of reference on the market that has information about different artists on the music scene (interpreters, composers, arrangers, music theorists, music critics) from the ancient cultures to the present day. Whether it is the Greek scholar Pythagoras (who incidentally had a lot to do with music), John Lennon or Karl-Heinz Stockhausen: MDB has them all.

In a click

MDB will appear for the time being as a CD-ROM. In the first edition data will be compiled from many well known and respected reference works, biographies, etc. i.e. Lexicon MGG-Musikgeschichte in Gegenwart, Riemann Musiklexikon, Heinrichshofens Tonkünstlerlexikon, The great Rock Discography, Groves, Music of our Time (Schott), Story of Jazz, Das Jazzbuch, Adler, dtv-Atlas zur Musik and many more.

In the face of so much music data it is naturally impossible to guarantee absolute completeness, which is why we have a home page on the internet, that every use of the MDB can employ to correct and bring data up to date. These corrections will then, after careful consideration and double-checking, be included on the next CD Rom.

A Must for the Music World

Being there is everything! Anyone who wants to be "visible" in the music business should put their entry in the MDB: the new encyclopedia contains information about present day interpreters, composers, arrangers and producers in every field of music. In the future, every musician, artist, producer, sound master, film composer, music critic, producer of jingles, etc. will certainly secure an entry in the MDB. Every professional musician and music buff who quickly needs a general survey needs the MDB. That goes for:

music students in every sphere
concert agents
the press
music libraries
interpreting artists
arrangers (i.e. who want to know if the piece they are working on is GEMA free)
music broadcasters
fans of any style

Where do I find what?

For example, you are searching in the data bank for Johann Sebastian Bach. You will find:

- his exact dates (3/21/1685 to 7/28/1750). This data can immediately be copied into a text.
- literary information (MGG, Riemann, dtv-atlas, Tonkünstlerlexikon etc. all with the ISBN number, so that you can order the book, if desired)
- internet links of interest (pages with the complete works of Bach, for example, are available on MIDI Files free of charge in the internet!).
Here is the address:

A further example: you want to know who are the members of "ABBA". You will find:
- the names Agnetha Faltskog (Ulvaeus), Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Anni Frid Lyngstad-Frederiksson.
- the date of birth of each artist
- further reading suggestions
- internet links to pages of interest

Professional: your own link to the "yellow pages"

Our team is happy to advise you as to how you can present yourself. We can help you with the design of your home page so that it is both attractive and effective. If you have no need of a home page, it is enough to simply give your private or business address and telephone number, fax and e-mail address.

How do people find you in the MDB? In the case of musicians who are already mentioned in other encyclopedias, the rubrik "further information" will mention the source, or additional reading material will be recommended.
You may put in the following:

- your address (business and/or private)
- your telephone number (business and/or private)
- your e-mail address and home page (that can be copied immediately into an internet program)

You may just be referred to, or all information concerning you can be published. We recommend the latter, so that any and all appropriate inquiries (through whichever channel) can be directed to you. Especially important is the category "Branch". Here you can put your professional details (i.e. pianist, classical). Do you have any recordings, if so what kind (CDs, radio productions, etc.), which would be available on request?

Be at the pulse of music

MDB Musicians Data Base was supported to date by: The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, Grove: Encyclopedia of Popular Music, Cyberforum Karlsruhe, Musikhochschule Karlsruhe, Musikhochschule Tallinn (Estonia), the City of Karlsruhe, Florian Noetzel Music Publishers (Wilhelmshaven), Eesti Muusika Infokeskus (Estonian Music Information Centre), Private Brewery Hoepfner (Karlsruhe), Ulrich Hartmann (Badische Neueste Nachrichten), Jean-Claude Gérard, Fany Solter, Kalle Randalu , Detlef Tewes, Estonian Telecom, Estonian Air, Ministry of Culture in Estonia, Estonian State Opera.

Why is it important and useful for you to publicize this data? Because you will be present in the music scene - for example: someone is looking for a pianist with international experience in the area of Munich. They type in the postal code 8 and the professional description "pianist". Should these details apply to you, your information will appear on the screen. Or perhaps you work as a guitar teacher specializing in jazz: you would automatically be found in the MDB and the customer could find out about you and contact you directly.

The edition 49 Team.

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