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About edition 49  
(Winner of the Music Edition Award Frankfurt 2000 for Layout of Music)

edition 49 orients itself after the newest developments in multimedia possibilities. We have the newest programs at our disposal. Staying up to date is our motto.
We cooperate with top firms in various branches:
BMG (Bertelmann Music Group, Munich), Warner Bros. (New York), L'ORÉAL PARiS, Villa Musica (Mainz), Hoepfner Classics (Karlsruhe), Zimmermann Publishing (Frankfurt), Noetzel Publishing (Wilhelmshaven), Carus Publishing (Stuttgart), France Music (Paris), Fany Solter, Wolfgang Meyer, Ester Mägi, Lepo Sumera, Raimo Kangro, Boris Björn Bagger, Kalle Randalu, Martin Ostertag, Detlef Tewes, Eino Tamberg, Siiri Sisask, Urmas Sisask, Neeme Järvi, Eri Klas, Viktor Kaasik, Estonian Concert, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, State Symphony Orchestra of Estonia, Ötigheim Festival, Estonian Broadcasting Company, Estonian Music Academy (Tallinn, Estonia), German State Department, Cyberforum (Karlsruhe), cult interactive (Karlsruhe).

All Styles of Music

Commercial Music/Film Music and Music for Multimedia CD's

Our composers and arrangers have written music in almost every musical field, including movies, animations, documentaries and commercials. Our technical prerequisites are optimal.

The largest selection of Estonian music worldwide

Instrumental music, symphonic music, choir music, guitar music, pop music, over 40 modern composers with attractive works. Our entire repertory (more than 900 works) is available as MIDI Files.

The international press wrote the following about Estonian film music:
>>Estonian music is full of originality as well as versatility. As far as substance and color are concerned, it is far superior to most comparable European music. The musical potential of this tiny country seems to be inexhaustible.<<

In various international festivals (for instance in France, Yugoslavia, Italy, Portugal and Canada), composers from edition 49 distinguished themselves with numerous prizes.

Music engraving (also with overnight service) at the lowest prices in Europe

With Finale, Sibelius, Amadeus, and Score is constantly modernized , also available directly through the internet.
To date, edition 49 has worked together with the following companies and institutions:
Carus Publishing (Stuttgart), Zimmermann Publishing (Frankfurt), de haske (Holland), Noetzel (Wilhelmshaven), Merseburger (Kassel), Klett School Books (Stuttgart), Astoria (Düsseldorf), Hänssler (Neuhausen), edition gravis (Bad Schwalbach), Iris (Recklinghausen), Halter (Karlsruhe), Bauer (Karlsruhe), Max-Reger Institut (Karlsruhe).

The music engraving of edition 49 has won numerous prizes.

The edition 49 does overnight transpositions for instrumentalists and singers.
We fashion perfect layouts from handwritten manuscripts, and complete unfinished files in Finale in the highest engraving quality. We also prepare MIDI Files for top quality music engraving.

If necessary we also produce small editions of music publications. We deliver by request any kind of music paper. We have a highly qualified team of music professionals trained in music engraving ready to take your order. Their ongoing training insures continual updating of technical improvements, and guarantees the consistent high quality of our music engraving.

We transform your music into sound

Your compositions are tranformed directly into sound. We program the music onto CD or MIDI File, and you also receive an excellent manuscript of your piece.

Music minus one - CDs made to order

We make accompaniment-CDs to order for practice purposes according to the >>music minus one<< - principle. You give us the music of the piece on which you want to work, and we produce a CD or MIDI File according to your specific wishes, with which you can practice using diverse possibilities--in any tempo or any transposition.


Since edition 49 works together with the very best of arrangers, we can order arrangements for almost any instrumental combination on request.

edition 49 is extremely successful in this field as well: our publishing team produced the arrangements for the CD ">>Winter Classics<<; in only three weeks more than 50,000 copies of this CD were sold. We also wrote the arrangements for the CD First acoustic graffiti, which is the most widely sold CD in Estonia, selling even more copies than Madonna and Metallica combined. Jean-Claude Gérard (Flute, Professor in Stuttgart, guest professor in Japan and in numerous master classes worldwide) has ordered classical arrangements through edition 49 and recorded them with internationally famous artists.

Music for Computer Games

Negotiations for Composition Commissions

To date, edition 49 has negotiated commissions for the following artists and institutions: the state of Baden-Württemberg, Villa Musica in Mainz, International Festival in Helsinki, Music Festival in Schleswig-Holstein, Baden State Orchestra in Karlsruhe, ZKM (Karlsruhe), Absolute Ensemble in New York, Detlef Tewes (Mandoline), Kalle Randalu (Klavier), Fany Solter (Klavier), Martin Ostertag (Violoncello), Jean-Claude Gérard (Flute), Florian Meierott (Violine), Boris Björn Bagger (Gitarre).
Should you be interested in commissioning a composition (also for special casting or instrumental combinations), we would be happy to advise you.

Negotiations for Recordings with Orchestra and Musical Productions

For the Volksschauspiele Ötigheim (Germany's largest open air theater), edition 49 has delivered several recordings with orchestra - this also at attractively low prices. edition 49 also negotiated a music production (featuring the opera department of the Estonian Music Academy and the opera orchestra of Tartu, Estonia) for the Department of State (Joschka Fischer). We have also negotiated with the State Symphony Orchestra of Estonia for recordings. Correspondingly, we offer choirs, top ensembles and studios to interesting conditions.

Orchestra parts

edition 49 writes out orchestra parts at our usual attractive prices. This service has also been used to advantage by famous publishers such as Ricordi and Gravis.

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