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from the CD Mozart - World Premiere Recordings (Detlef Tewes - Mandolin & Boris Björn Bagger - Guitar)


Variationen über „Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman“ KV 265, für Mandoline und Gitarre,
Variation IX



Aus Sonate KV 331 Alla turca


Adagio für Glasharmonika, KV 356


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Here some MIDI Files

File Name (just click)

Adagio.midW. A. MozartAdagio (played by Kalle Randalu)
ILYB-.midTõnis KõrvitsI. L. Y. B.
Kostabi-.midKalev Mark Kostabi(Kalev Mark Kostabi is playing a composition by himself)
Lapi1-.midEster MägiLapimaa joiud
Margin1-.midJaan RäätsMarginal Am
Margin3-.midJaan RäätsMarginal Bm
Margin8-.midJaan RäätsMarginal Bbm
Niente-.midMati KuulbergNiente for Flute Solo
Ojasax1-.midEsko OjaSaxophone Quartet Part 1
Ojasax2-.midEsko OjaSaxophone Quartet Part 2
Ojasax3-.midEsko OjaSaxophone Quartet Part 3
Ojasax3-.midEsko OjaOpus 26 for Orchestra
Rrsampl-.midRein RannapSample of the Style
Quasi-.midMati KuulbergQuasi for Flute Solo
Semplic-.midMati KuulbergSeplice for Flute Solo
Urmas1-.midUrmas Sisask(Urmas Sisask is playing a piece from the "Starry Sky Cycle")
1981-.midLepo Sumera2 pieces from the year 1981
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Here you can hear some tracks

Winter Classics
 für Gitarre und Streichorchester  /  for Guitar and String Orchestra

Guitar: Boris Björn Bagger
Conductor: Hendrik Vestmann, Chamber Orchestra from Estonia (Nõmme Linnaorkester)
Works by: J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, F. Gruber, M. Luther a.o.
arranged by: Maria MankValdo PreemaBoris Björn Bagger.
Urmas Sisask, Missa Nr. 1 for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Choir and Orchestra, recorded live November 11, 1993 at Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn Estonia
Total Time: ca. 60 minutes
ca. 5.45-7.00

ca. 7.20-9.00

0.00 - ca. 2.00

ca. 5.10-6.50


ca. 3.08-3.50

ca. 5.00-6.30

ca. 10.25-12.00


0.00 - ca. 2.00



Agnus Dei:




Ulrich Hartmann   Toccata for Piano Solo (für Klavier Solo)
Mari Amor arrangements for flute and strings

Jean Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) Tambourin for flute and strings 

Anonymus  El Cant dels Ocells for flute and strings

played by Jean-Claude Gerard and Friends (signum, SIG X101-00)

Jaan Rääts   CD 1  24 marginalien op. 68 for two pianos played by Nora Novik & Raffi Charadanjan

Marginal 1 op 68       Marginal 2 op. 68     Marginal 3 op. 68

Here you hear marginals in Midi format
Marginal nr. 1 op. 68   Marginal nr. 5 op. 68   Marginal nr. 8 op. 68

and 24 Estonian preludes for piano op. 80 played by Peep Lassmann

CD 2  Sonata for two pianos op. 82, Piano trio nr 6 op. 81, Piano quintet nr 3 op. 38,
Concerto for violin and chamber orchestra nr. 2 op. 63

Raimo Kangro

Concert for two pianos and chamber orchestea nr. 2 op. 36 first movement  played by Nora Novik & Raffi Charadanjan

Gaudeo op. 33 for chamber choir and orchestra
Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste