Hillar Kareva (1931 - 1992) began his studies of music with the violin, but graduated from the conservatory in 1956 as a composer. He worked as an inspector in the Government of the Arts of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic and as a lecturer of the theory of music at the Tallinn Music School and the Tallinn State Conservatory. he has composed symphonic, vocal symphonic, and chamber music, the latter constituting the essential part of his works.
            Kareva was interested in the Ancient Greek mythology, as one can see from several titles of his pieces. Among the features that characterise his music are alert rhythms, asymmetric metres, contrasting tempos and moods, and dramatic developments. Another typical figure is the "endless" melody in which the musical thought would not stay in permanent structures, but would develop freely. Kareva has often made use of artificial modes and polyharmony.
 Here is a selection of his works: Concerto for Clarinet and symphony Orchestra (1963), Concertos for Alto Saxophone and Symphony Orchestra (I 1976, II "Kolm votiivi muusadele" / "Three Votives for Muses", 1986); Concerto for French Horn,Woodwind and Piano (1972); Quintet for Violin, French Horn, Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1975); Trio for Violin, French Horn and Piano (1971); a suite-sonata "Aiolose Paun" / "The Bag of Aeolus" ("Neli tuult" / "Four Winds", 1964); Scherzo and sonatas (I 1958, II 1965, III 1968) for violin and piano; sonatas for clarinet and piano     (I 1967, II 1972), "Quasi una sonata" (1972) and Concert Piece for trumpet and piano, the concert triptych "Parise kiusatus" / "The Temptation of Paris" for piano and alto saxophone (1984); sonatas (I 1973, II 1985, III 1986), "Elegy" and "Convulsions" for alto saxophone and piano, Sonata No. 1 for flute, alto saxophone and two pianos from the tetralogy "Kreeka vaasimaalid" / "The Greek Vase Paintings" (1991); Sonata for French Horn and Piano (1984), "Four Gems" for xylophone, vibraphone and piano or for trumpet and piano; "Lamento" for solo trumpet.

Olavi Kasemaa, Professor at the Estonian Academy of Music

Selection of printed music:

Sonate nr. 1 für Altsaxophon und Klavier op. 19             page pdf
e49 02014-01

Sonate nr. 2 für Altsaxophon und Klavier op. 29 nr. 2     page pdf
e49 02015-01

Sonate nr. 3 für Altsaxophon und Klavier op. 30             page pdf
e49 02016-01

Elegie für Altsaxophon und Klavier                                 page pdf
e49 02017-01

Konzert für Altsaxophon und Klavier op. 25                 page pdf
e49 02018-01

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